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milord n : a term of address for an English lord

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  1. a form of address for a British gentleman


  • 1919, Ronald Firbank, Valmouth, Duckworth, hardback edition, page 49
    Not since the year 17--, when milord Castlebrilliant's curricle was whirled to sea with her ladyship within, had there been such vehement weather.



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  1. milord

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In the nineteenth century, milord (also milor) was well-known as a word which continental Europeans (especially French) whose jobs often brought them into contact with travellers (innkeepers, guides, etc.) commonly used to address Englishmen or male English-speakers who seemed to be upper-class (or whom they wished to flatter) — even though the English-language phrase "my lord" (the source of "milord") played a somewhat minor role in the British system of honorific forms of address, and most of those addressed as "milord" were not in fact proper "lords" (members of the nobility) at all. The word "milord" was occasionally borrowed back into the English language in order to be used as a sarcastic or jocular reference to British travellers abroad.
"Milord" (in this use generally pronounced as, and sometimes written as, "M'lud") was also commonly used by English Solicitors and Barristers (attorneys) and the accused and witnesses when addressing the judge adjudicating in the trial. In more modern times when addressing the Judge, it is more normal to say 'Sir' although 'Your Honour' (or Yer 'onor in Cockney parlance) is still sometimes heard.


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Eminence, Grace, Her Excellency, Her Highness, Her Ladyship, Her Majesty, Highness, His Lordship, His Majesty, Honor, Imperial Highness, Imperial Majesty, Lady, Ladyship, Lord, Lordship, Majesty, My Lady, My Lord, Reverence, Royal Highness, Royal Majesty, Serene Highness, Worship, Your Lordship, milady
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